Hulk’s Story

My real name is Kai Yoshida, but my nickname here at ITNAV is Hulk. I’m currently a 3rd year student at Ishinomaki University. I’m interning here at ITNAV. I first heard about ITNAV from a seminar at my university. My teacher, Fish, suggested I come work here. My main job is to develop android apps. So far I’ve created a memo application and an android engineer sample application. After graduating from university, I want to work as an android app engineer or simply a programmer, possibly in Tokyo, America, or China.

I think Ishinomaki is a really peaceful town; it’s very relaxing. And there’s really good food here! I’m from a smaller rural town in Miyagi that’s about 30 minutes away from Ishinomaki by train. I commute from home to go to school here and work at ITNAV.

I was a 2nd year junior high school student when the earthquake struck the area. I was preparing for my graduation ceremony at the time it occurred and was unable to go home for a while. However, since I live more inland, I didn’t know of the true situation of the cities near the sea. It was when I first came to Ishinomaki that I realized just how big of an impact the disaster had on communities along the coast.

I want to become one of the 1000 engineers that ITNAV produces and mentors. I want to be able to tell the world that even though Ishinomaki doesn’t have a great image because of the disaster, it’s still a wonderful place and people should definitely come and visit.

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