Moriumius Day 1

Moriumius was revitalized, but all its current structure is from the original, nothing but the floor was changed. The community and volunteers from all over helped rebuild this school.
They had a small farm that consisted of chicken, pigs, and goats. That’s Rachel with the mama goat and her 2 kids.
The lounge, originally the principals office.

We arrived at Moriumius around 5 o’clock. Moriumius is a type of nature school also located within Ishinomaki. It is located within the mountains and nearby is a small fishing village. The center has a few farm animals like chickens, goats, and pigs. They also have rice paddies and are surrounded by forest. They use these to teach children. There were also 3 other Univeristy of Michigan students at Moriumius who are interning there for the summer.

Once we got inside we first had to make our beds as we were using traditional Japanese style bedding. We got a brief introduction to the layout of the building as it used to be an old school that was renovated into a retreat type center after it was severely damaged by the tsunami. We then had dinner where we were served a variety of traditional Japanese food.

After dinner we were given a brief introduction to what Moriumius is and how they got to where they are today post tsunami. The project aims to teach children about sustainability and nature in a summer camp type setting where they cut down trees in the forest, play at the beach, and learn how to work in the rice paddies.

After the presentation  we had some free time where many students hung out in the upstairs lounge that used to be the school’s principal’s office. It was an early night for the group as we had to be up and ready to go by 6:30am the next morning!

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