Hayase’s Story

My earliest memory is playing games, because I’m always playing games.  I play FPS games, Call of Duty, and Rainbow Six.  I first heard about ITNAV when the members came to my school to teach a programming class.

I don’t want to go to college after I graduate, I want to work at the electric utility company. I want to try going somewhere outside of Ishinomaki if possible, so I can start a career. There are more opportunities elsewhere and I want to travel abroad.

I think every person in this city is very bright. I get a feeling of livelihood and strength from these people. After the tsunami, I was able to see this entire town come together and participate in the rebuilding. Before that, I wasn’t able to speak with people all too well. The aftermath of the disaster offered me a way to reach out and converse with the people around me more. I like that this town is just the right size. It’s peaceful and not too big. While I can still be a part of many things, I can still be close to all the people around me.

The most important people in my life are my family members. My parents used to work for a car company before the disaster, but now my dad manufactures electrical boards for cellphones. I have two younger brothers who currently live in another city. I also have two dogs.

Similar to what one of the DHDC students said, I think the idea of never giving up is one I want to convey to the world. The fact that we didn’t give up even after such a severe disaster is the reason we’re here today. That’s why I consider this message to be so close to my heart.

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