I <3 Taiyaki

You would think as a non-Japanese speaker communication would be my biggest fear, or maybe being a first time international traveler, it would be transportation or culture shock. Well, for me, my only fear was food. I was convinced I would be living off of steamed rice for a month. Sure, I like rice, but I don’t like rice that much.

I was preparingmyself for a tough time. I ate as much comfort food (chicken tenders mostly) as I could before I was leaving to a world of seafood dominated dishes. I was, am, and most likely will always be a picky eater, and seafood is not a part of my taste palate. The thought of consuming raw fish, seaweed, and whatever else belongs in the ocean gets me sick to my stomach. I was terrified.

Putting all of the apprehensive feelings aside, I decided to branch out and try new foods. I have one word for you, taiyaki. Taiyaki is a fish-shaped (ironic, right?) pancake that is filled with things likered bean paste or custard. It is seriously delicious.  They also have savory ones with cheese, but if you’re anything like me the sweet ones are everything. Of course, they won’t sustain me but I have also discovered the wonders of yakisoba and chicken curry with cheese naan.

Japan is full of rich food, and it was not at all what I thought it would be. There’s a lot of fish but sometimes it’s really just a pancake and it changes your life. Don’t let your food fears hold you back from trying new places because, by branching out, you might just find your taiyaki.

P.S. I asked for a taiyaki maker for my birthday.

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  1. Alexis, I love your idea of “Taiyaki” as a metaphor for striking out into new territory that might seem like a frightening unknown world before you actually get there. To your great credit, you widened your “taste palate” and your cultural horizons.

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