America 2.0

Today has been an adventure to say the least. It started off with my Makigumi group and I thinking of ideas for our event at the end of the month. Our first measure of business was to figure out a day that we would host our event. We were deciding between a Saturday where we think we could attract a better crowd but the weather wasn’t the greatest and a Wednesday where we assumed that our crowd wouldn’t be as big as it would be on the weekend but the weather was better. At the end of the meeting we were leaning towards doing it on Wednesday because we wouldn’t want the weather to change the landscape of our event.

We also divided up the task for our project and I was so excited that I was given the task of creating the playlist for the event. I chose a variety of different artist from American artist that I feel like a lot of people would like to hear in a party/festival setting. I normally don’t listen to Japanese music so I planned on asking my roommate for some suggestions. She listens to a lot of Japanese music so I’ll just listen to some of her suggestions and go off that.  I initially wanted to perform as a joke but I got cold feet fifteen minutes later. It was a really chill day for my group and we finished up fairly quick to end earlier than the other groups.

A few hours later my really chill day wasn’t so chill after all. A few of my peers and I decided that we wanted to go play basketball on the island. We were really enjoying ourselves but then we noticed that this car was casually cruising by and didn’t think anything of it. A few moments later a cop car came and we initially didn’t pay it any mind until they got out of the car and walked towards us. Language was obviously a barrier as we don’t speak much Japanese but the female officer could speak a little English and she said that we weren’t allowed to play basketball after 8 pm.

We apologized and they proceeded by asking us for our passports and at that point I got nervous. The officers took down our information and as I looked around I noticed that we were all minorities and I immediately thought about how the situation involving six minorities would have played out in America. It could’ve gone a lot differently than it did. Some of the people didn’t have their passports and the police trusted us to walk back to our hotel so they could get it. If it was one thing I could say about Japanese police was thank God they didn’t shoot!

P.S. Alexis Cahill was not present at the time of these activities.

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  1. Kadasjah, I’m so glad to hear you were gratified by the role you took on in the Makigumi group, event-planning marathon. Looks like we are gonna have some great music at the event (including your super play list and at least one live acoustic musician)! And thanks for sharing your comparative perspective on your encounter with the Japanese police. I guess it could’ve been worse (but it might have been better)!

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