“Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it”

Before I talk about my day let me set the scene
Ishinomaki is filled with parallels, each making its opposite shine even brighter or seem all the more darker
I’d be lying if I said all I found here was beauty but even the contrary is untrue
Plus some of the “ugly remains” show some beauty… and even more importantly hope
It shows progress and vitality
This city isn’t dying
It’s making a comeback and coming back stronger than the disasters it endured
And it’s strongest weapon to fight back
The community bonds
The bonds that sprouted or the bonds that even a earthquake and tsunami couldn’t dismantle
And moreover the ability to find beauty in times of despair
The appreciation of potential and all the little things

And yesterday when we scavenged around the city with the students from Touhoko University for Ishinomaki’s strange beauties and oddities I think these students showcased that philosophy of finding a gem among the rubble. And in turn, made me recall all the marvels and sense of community in my own hometown.